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       Photoelectric functional crystals are important material bases of photoelectron technology, especially laser technology. Utilizing photoelectric functional crystal, we can make the conversion of laser frequency, modulate the intensity and phase of laser, achieve the holographic storage of the laser signal, and eliminate self-pumped phase conjugate of wave-front domain, etc. It has important application values in the field of medical, information, energy, defense, etc. With the rapid development of optoelectronic industry, higher request for the discovery of new inorganic photoelectric functional crystal has been put forward. The research mainly includes:1. new nonlinear optical materials in the design, synthesis, phase analysis, crystal growth and performance study; 2. the study in the crystal growth method: flux growth method, melt method, crucible descent method, czochralski method, hydrothermal method, aqueous solution growth method, etc; 3. the assessment of application prospect for new nonlinear optical crystal; 4. other inorganic photoelectric functional crystal materials research; 5. the numerical calculation and design simulation of nonlinear optical crystal.